Painting Contractors Danville – Paint with Stronger Colors

Painting Contractors Danville – Paint with Stronger ColorsPainting contractors in Danville, like Custom Painting, Inc., understand how a new coat of paint can make a huge difference in a house. You may be tempted to use the same colors currently on the walls, but why not take a chance and use strong, bold colors instead. The results can make all the difference in the world in how you view your home and its belongings.

Many colors can be considered as being ‘strong.’ Some are bright and bold. Others are darker in hue. Look at your furniture, draperies or paintings to find the strong colors already in your décor. Rather than using small paint chips provided by paint manufactures, get a couple of pieces of poster board and a small amount of paint. Paint the pieces of poster board and allow them to dry fully. Then place the painted poster board at different locations of the room. This will let you see how the paint looks in different lighting, at different times of the day, and against the furniture and accessories you now have.

Perhaps you’re not ready to paint your entire living room, dining room or bedroom with a stronger color. An accent wall is the perfect place to showcase a special painting or other important mementos. You can also use the accent wall as the location of a cozy sitting area perfect for curling up with a good book.

What type of atmosphere do you want the room you plan to paint to have? Choose warmer colors if you want a cozy atmosphere. Something in a deep red may complement neutral furniture and add warmth to the room. Darker oranges also add warmth and seem like there’s a fireplace in the room. For a color that is usually easy to find pillars or curtains, try darker yellow than sunshine yellow.

If you want a fresh feel to your room, try green, blue or purple. If you have mahogany furniture, a deep forest green might be a good choice. Try gray trim with blue to help foster a sense of trust. You can also add dark lavender if you want to provide a ‘cool’ atmosphere.

You can balance out your rooms by using colors on your walls that are opposite of the main colors in your furniture and curtains. Use darker, bold colors on the walls will complement the cooler colors in the furniture.

Some people think that dark colors make a room seem smaller. The opposite is actually true. Since dark colors recede it actually makes the room appear larger even though the room is still cozy. If you’re unsure of the best strong colors to use, check with painting contractors in Danville. They will be able to help you make the right strong color choices for your home.