Wallpaper Removal

Anyone who has ever removed wallpaper knows that it is a long and tedious process, not to mention the mess and struggle that comes with it. It’s also a tricky job that can result in unnecessary damage to your walls, leading to costly repairs and mounting frustration levels.

Custom Painting, Inc. will take away your frustrations by doing the job for you. We employ the best commercial painting contractors in the Bay Area and use only the highest-quality tools available for removing wallpaper, from scraping and sanding to using industrial steamers. Afterwards, we refresh the look of your walls with new paint.

Custom Painting, Inc. has years of experience and expertise in working with various types of wallpaper, from traditional to vinyl. Our skilled crew use the right tools and applications to make sure that the removal process is done correctly and efficiently, with minimal mess. The result is clean and smooth walls ready for new paint.

Our wallpaper removal services

Custom Painting, Inc. offers reliable and efficient wallpaper removal services to residential and commercial properties in Bay Area cities. Here are the things you want to know our wallpaper removal process:

  • We identify the type of wallpaper that’s currently on your walls to determine the appropriate tools and techniques for removal.
  • No two walls or two wallpapers are the same, so we accommodate our services to different types of commercial spaces, wallpaper types, and wallpaper conditions.
  • After removing the wallpaper, we usually prime the walls to achieve better paint adhesion.

Here are a couple of facts about wallpaper removal:

  • For the standard strippable wallpaper on drywall, the wallpaper is soaked thoroughly so that its glue softens on the wall without getting the drywall too wet. Then the wallpaper is scored and peeled carefully. Next, the residual paper and glue is removed. Then the walls are cleaned, leaving the surfaces smooth, clean, and ready for new wallpaper (or better yet) paint.
  • Several layers of old wallpaper or vinyl wall coverings are more difficult and challenging to remove. There are several methods of removal, including prolonged soaking, use of chemical solvents, and use of an industrial steamer to effectively remove layers of old wallpaper from the surface, while keeping the walls as intact as possible.

Our wallpaper removal approach usually consists of the following:

  • Initial assessment – Our crew identifies the type of wallpaper to determine the appropriate tools and techniques for removal.
  • Preparation – Our crew gets the workspace ready by removing wall décor and other installation, taking away or covering furniture, covering the floors, and taping baseboards or trim (if any).
  • Wallpaper removal – Our crew removes the wallpaper from the walls. The complexity of removal depends on the type and condition of the wallpaper being removed.
  • Cleaning and preparation of the walls – Our crew removes the entire adhesive and then the glue residues from the walls by washing. Then the walls are left to dry before being applied with new wallpaper or paint.

Our post-removal steps include:

  • Necessary repairs on the walls after wallpaper removal.
  • Cleaning and priming the walls.
  • New wallpaper installation or new paint.
  • Clean-up and disposal of detached wallpaper and other debris.
  • Final inspection and walkthrough to ensure that the work is carried out to industry standards and customer satisfaction.

Now, you will be able to enjoy your newly painted room, ready for re-furnishing and re-decorating.

Wallpaper Removal - Choose Custom Painting, Inc.!

Choose Custom Painting, Inc.!

Sufficient experience and knowledge of the proper tools are desirable when you’re looking for a wallpaper removal service. And Custom Painting, Inc. has these attributes necessary to ensure a safe and smooth wallpaper removal process for your commercial buildings.

Our licensed and insured paint crew use the highest-quality tools available for wallpaper removal and wall paint, from the most basic scraping tools to solvents to industrial steamers.  Thanks to over 40 years of professional experience, we do the job faster than any DIY enthusiast or cheap but inexperienced, unqualified contractor.

By offering a full spectrum of residential and commercial paint services, competitive pricing, ethical work practices, Custom Painting, Inc. has continued to grow. We pride ourselves on enthusiastic client testimonials and recommendations. They inspire us to continually strive to implement new technologies with time-honored professionalism that has made us one of the most trusted painting contractors in the Bay Area.

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