Painting Bay Area – Creating the Perfect Accent Wall

Painting in Bay Area opens a lot of design possibilities. Creating an accent wall is one of them. It is an excellent solution for those who want to enhance the look of their living space but do not want to commit to an entire room’s worth of one color.

Accent walls can draw attention from your guests and highlight your room’s architectural features. They can add contrast to a bare room, define and distinguish a space for a purpose, and bring interest to a usually overlooked area. And the best of all? Accent walls can help spice things up in your room with minimum cost and effort.

Consider these tips to paint an accent wall to make an impressive statement:

Choose the right wall

Accent walls look best when they are solid – which means that they should have no doors or windows. You may be tempted to paint a different color to “frame” your beautiful French doors or large windows for an impressive view. However, the accent color will look virtually lost because of the light coming in from the windows during the day. The light from the outside will distract you from looking at the accent wall color instead of drawing your attention to it.

Also, pick a corner with very few pieces of furniture or décor. The “accent” factor’s appeal of a different color will be lost if the wall has too much going on in front of it.

Think about the features of your room that you would like to highlight or downplay. If your room has a very long side, painting the wall with an accent color can make the space appear narrower. If the area is small and boxy, painting an accent wall with a different color can “open up” the space.

Choose the right color

The right color will help you get the most out of the desired visual effect. Warm colors and hues (reds, yellows, and oranges) will help narrow down a space. Cool colors (blues, greens, and purples) will make the room feel bigger.

If you want a more unified look, make sure that your chosen accent color harmonizes with the adjacent wall color. If you are in doubt, paint a portion of your accent wall with the same color but two shades darker than the other walls in the room – it provides a classic look.

But, if you think that your room feels one-note or washed-out, you can paint an accent wall with an entirely different color that will “pop out” from the rest of the space, giving it a specific visual interest.

Choose the right mood

Your accent wall color should set the overall mood that it brings to the room, according to your preference. If you want to get a cheery and welcoming vibe, a cheerful color will be an ideal choice. If you want your room as a place to relax and unwind, paint your accent wall with a calming and comfortable color. A bold accent color should bring energy to your room. Metallic accent walls are trending right now, giving your room an ultra-glam edge.

Distinguish a space with a “purpose”

Another great application of the accent wall is to provide a “purpose” for a room portion without putting up a wall or any other physical barrier or going too overboard with the furniture. For example, if you want to put a workspace in a small niche in your living room or bedroom, you can paint the accent wall with a color that will distinguish itself from the rest of the space. If your room has a very narrow alcove that is often overlooked, you can paint it with an accent color and place an indoor plant, a coat hanger stand, or a little bookcase. Painting an accent wall of your dining area will distinguish itself from the other rooms of your house.

Professional painting in Bay Area companies can bring years of house painting experience, color savvy, and commitment to quality work to get beautiful and long-lasting paint job to your homes.

Professional painting in Bay Area companies can bring years of house painting experience, color savvy, and commitment to quality work to get beautiful and long-lasting paint job to your homes.