Painters You’ll Want to Know

When there’s a paint job in hand, and you cannot deal with it for various reasons (such as lack of skill or time), the only other option is to look for painters near me in the Bay Area. But it would help if you knew whether any local painters would be the right people to work on your project.


You could have hired any painting contractors because they’re near where you live or they’re the most available at the time being. Doing your homework will ensure you with the right contractor to work on your project. 


Consider the tips below to help secure a qualified painting contractor for your home or business.


Do background checks

You cannot hire a painter without getting to know them first – and this is where you have to do background checks. They will help narrow your choices for the best contractors in your area. Word-of-mouth and personal recommendations from your family, friends, and colleagues are still the most reliable methods of finding the right painters. Websites like Angi (formerly Angie’s List), Houzz, and Yelp are trustworthy, too.


Listen to the advice and recommendations of those with the same standards as you regarding quality, licensing, insurance, and budget considerations.


Painting Around Windows

Plan ahead

Here’s another thing you should know about painters: they tend to be busier during the spring and summer. Warm and dry weather is favorable for painting (especially exterior painting) and general construction projects. 


If you’re on a limited budget but still want your house or business professionally painted, try booking a future project for the winter months when demand for painting jobs is low. It will likely give you a better price as contractors seek work opportunities to fill their winter schedules. As their schedule becomes full, you may not have the chance to get a good discount, so trying to book early is an intelligent decision. This would also work for those who use the winter months to book exterior painting projects for the upcoming spring or summer months. Either way, planning ahead could save you money and, at the same time, get the quality service and results you desire.


Get estimates for the work


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Obtain estimates from at least three to five different painters. Make sure to specify all the details of your paint project to the contractors on your list. Ask them to come to your property to inspect and assess the areas you want to paint. If the assessment is to be done virtually, be prepared to provide photos, video clips, and measurements.


When reading and studying quotes, be sure you compare apples to apples. Pay attention to the finer details. What brand, quality, and finish of paints do the contractors use? Are there any extras included? How many coats of paint does the estimate include? Are there specific tasks you can do to reduce costs, or will they expect to do everything? 


If the data varies from quote to quote, you will likely see a wide range of costs, which may throw you off balance and make comparisons challenging.


Remember that it’s not only about the cost. When comparing quotes, check if the paints, tools, labor, time frame, travel expenses, other fees, and taxes are itemized or clumped together. This factor can also help compare what every contractor offers you in making a wise choice. Don’t make the mistake of seeing the cost alone as the deciding factor for hiring a painter. As with many things, you get what you pay for, so the final cost may not be the best determining factor. Quality and expertise are the intangibles, yet they’re valuable factors that make them worth paying extra.


Know the responsibilities

Find out what the contractor’s job is and what yours is. Discuss who will prepare the site – moving or covering furniture, removing wall decor, patching cracks and holes, or dusting down walls. Will the contractors assume that the area is paint-ready, or will they expect to do the prep work themselves? If specific jobs like removing wallpaper or plaster repairs are required, ensure the estimate specifies who will do the work. If you prefer someone else to take care of these jobs, hire someone with the required skill set.


If you and the painting contractor agree you will be the one to do the prep work, understand that it is the key to an excellent and long-lasting paint job. Proper cleaning and repairing of surfaces or taping off baseboards or trim takes a considerable amount of time. Usually, the earlier the prep work is completed, the better the paint job (and the more manageable the clean-up). It will be a win-win situation both for you and the contractor.


Choosing painters near me in the Bay Area may be tedious and stressful. However, considering these early steps will ease your worries and troubles. Once you find the right contractor for your job, it will be worth all the stress and effort.