Interior Painting Concord – Successful Interior Painting Secrets

Interior Painting Concord – Successful Interior Painting SecretsIt’s time for a change. The paint on your wall looks dingy or it simply doesn’t appeal to you any longer. Interior painting in Concord homes can be accomplished if you know the tricks to achieve successful interior painting. With the proper technique and the right about of care, along with experience, you can achieve the look you want.

  • Start with preparation when interior painting in Concord. If possible, remove everything from the room. This will make sure you don’t get paint drops on it and ensure the job is as easy as possible. It would also be good to remove light fixtures, light and outlet covers as well as doors. Put a piece of tape on each one with a number, and a corresponding number at the place it was removed, so you know which one goes where when the room is painted.
  • Cover everything that cannot be moved or removed using drop cloths made of plastic or canvas. Canvas is a better choice if you can use it since it does not absorb paint but does not get slippery. Old bed sheets do not make good drop cloths as the paint may seep through and get on whatever it covers.
  • If you find repairs, make them right then. Peeling paint, holes in drywall or water damage, if left as it is and then painted over, will only make matters worse. When you take the time to make repairs before you paint, you will be more satisfied with the results.

Shine an uncovered lamp near the wall. This will make small blemishes that you can repair easily apparent. You may also run your hand over the wall to find areas where there are nicks or the surface is uneven.

  • Sand the walls to remove old paint and provide the right conditions for painting. A sandpaper sponge is the best choice for sanding trim. After you finish sanding, damp wash the walls to remove dust which can create an undesirable texture. TSP (trisodium phosphate) or something comparable is your best choice. Smoke stains can be removed with a water/bleach solution (50/50) using two buckets. Be sure you use clear water to rinse to get as much of the dust as possible and not transfer it back to the walls.
  • Apply a coat of primer, allowed to dry completely, before adding color to the walls. Do not over fill the roller or brush to keep drips and runs at bay. If you are not removing the trim to paint the walls, any drips can be smoothed out and then painted over when cutting in and painting the walls. If you can get someone to help you cutting in, the job will go quicker.

To achieve the best results, interior painting in Concord is best left to a professional. They will be able to do the job quickly and professionally, and you will be able to enjoy the results.