Interior Painting Alamo – What Does a Painting Inspection Include?

There are several keys to a successful interior paint in Alamo job. One of them is proper surface inspection. You don’t have to make the guesswork alone. It’s better when painting inspections are done by professionals, such as Custom Painting, Inc. With over 40 years of experience in assessing and enhancing the look of your home or business – either one room at a time or the entire building – Custom Painting Inc. has seen them all and know what it takes to make your house look beautiful and brand new once again.

Proper surface inspection is an important step that ensures effective, solid, and durable paint results. Residential and commercial painters conduct the following inspections for possible surface problems, such as:

1) Wood deterioration – Rotting trim, wood breakdown, wood being separated from its laminate, decaying wood siding, and decaying windowsill.

2) Damage caused by moisture – It is a common problem in regions with high relative humidity or areas of the building that are not usually exposed to sunlight. Moisture behind or underneath paint or seeping under paint can cause more serious problems, such as mold and mildew.

3) Paint deterioration – It consists of any of the following: faded paint, peeling, flaking, cracking, blistering, bubbling, “alligatoring” (a large formation of or pattern of shallow or deep cracks that resemble the skin of an alligator or crocodile), efflorescence (a chalky buildup usually found on bricks, concrete, and masonry), and faded stain. Residues such as dust, dirt, oil, grease, corrosion, and salts can affect the substrate or form deposits that may cause adhesion problems for the topcoat and negatively affect the paint film’s service life.

4) Structural issues – They consist of any of the following: cracks and gaps that need caulking, damaged drip rail above windows, damaged and misaligned gutters, stucco that needs repairs and restoration.

5) Required number of coats – Paints with more intense colors may need extra coats of paint for the best coverage. Paint in poor condition may also need more additional coats of paint. Changing from a dark color to a

Part of the job of every professional painting company is to do visual inspections on a building. They assess the condition of the surfaces that need repair and re-painting. They also identify potential damage caused by water, fungus contamination, or other problems that might ruin the outcomes of a paint job.

As you can see, painting is more than giving your home or business a refreshed look and making it beautiful again. It’s also protecting them and making them solid and stable against temperature and weather elements in the years to come.

The best interior painting in Alamo companies stop these problems before they start or get worse by identifying surface issues. For us at Custom Painting, Inc., no problem will go unnoticed. If you think your home or business needs a makeover, contact Custom Painting, Inc. for a visual inspection. We guarantee that there will be no surprise fees when we show up. You can trust the experts at Custom Painting, Inc. to assess, prep, and paint your home or business.