House Painting Livermore: Repaint Your Kitchen If Selling Your Home

House painting in Livermore may be needed if you want to move out of your current home. Along with moving out, you will also want to put your current house on the resale market. Interesting potential buyers may mean you need to plan what you can do to get the best resale price of your home. The way to get the best price is to update some areas of your home — either by renovation, or as simple and inexpensive as painting the kitchen.

You must be aware that the kitchen is one of the important areas of a home that potential buyers are considering. Sometimes people say that you’re not re-selling your house, but you’re actually re-selling your kitchen. A remodeled kitchen will certainly boost the resale value of your home and it is very likely get your money back. A kitchen is not only a place where you prepare your meals, but it is also the place where friends and members of the family gather and bond. So it is imperative that a kitchen should look good when you decide to sell your home.

In updating the look of your kitchen, a little investment can affect how much of your money you get back. Typically, repainting the kitchen costs about $500-$700 depending on the quality of paints you use, but will increase your home’s resale value from $1,500 to $2,000. This will also enable potential buyers to view a blank canvas, allowing them to visualize themselves, their family members, and their belongings in the house more easily. When that prospective buyer can make the house feel very much like a home in his or her own mind, they are just a few steps away from actually purchasing it.

Knowing the current style of your kitchen will help you decide how to update it to a new look. For example, if your kitchen has a classic or standard style, you may simply need to repaint it with some interesting colors (as long as you don’t overdo it). This will help add a fresh look to the area. If your kitchen’s current style is out of the ordinary, done in bright and striking colors to suit your personal taste, then you will want to paint it to give a neutral look. While some people will appreciate a kitchen for its uniqueness and bold colors, other people may get turned off by it, so leaving your kitchen as it is may reduce your chances to sell your home.

When we say neutral, we mean colors such as white, off-white, cream, beige, and other similar colors. Beige is a warm color, neutral but not otherwise plain, so it can be compatible with other colors that a buyer might want to use. Cream is not that white but is also considered neutral. Painting your kitchen in beige or cream will give a fresh, clean look while remaining neutral. White is the standard color to give the kitchen a blank slate, so to speak, but many people feel that white feels cold instead of welcoming. Other people, on the other hand, appreciate white for being a classic color. How the potential buyer views the kitchen may depend on the design of the kitchen itself.

If you don’t like neutral colors and want your kitchen to have some color, you can go for pale or pastel hues. However, you still might want something to add that a lot people would like. For instance, canary yellow looks nearly like a neutral color, but not quite. It is a warm and cheerful color and will make your kitchen cozy. A lighter teal green is a cool color, which reminds you of nature. This color will give your kitchen a soothing ambiance. Powder blue is a popular color among other pastels and can be also used for kitchens.

Food groups are usually in the red-orange-yellow part of the spectrum. Think of the color of bell peppers, but less harsh. You can find reds in apples or tomatoes; yellows in lemons or bananas; orange in oranges or carrots. Browns such as bread, can also be used.

Whether you may want your kitchen to be updated in a classic or contemporary style, you may want to consult you professional contractors for repainting ideas. If you want to get the best resale price for your home, you don’t need costly renovations; the change could be as simple as house painting in Livermore, especially your kitchen.