Home Painting in Concord – Tips for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The task of home painting in Concord is made more difficult if the home has popcorn ceilings. The overwhelming task of popcorn ceiling removal can be made easier by following a few simple steps. Once you’ve removed the popcorn ceilings, home painting is much easier both now and in the future.

Popcorn ceiling installation had its peak in the last century. It does create a unique look for the ceiling, but the difficulties it presents make it the second choice to a smooth ceiling for most owners. The staff at Custom Painting, Inc. has the experience to make your job a little easier.

Five Steps to Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Concord

Step One: know what is there. It is important to know what you are getting into before you start the removal process. Check any records available to find out the age of the existing ceiling. The textured look was once created with the use of asbestos. You will need to call in professionals if hazardous materials are involved.

Step Two: open up the space. Remove all of the items from the room where you will be working to remove the popcorn ceiling. This will make it easier to work by making space. Your clean up will be a little easier since you will not have to take out time to clean up the dust from any items that were left behind.

Step Three: safety first. The removal of the texture on your ceiling will require water. Turn off all breakers to the space and remove the fixtures in the room to be sure that there is no electricity that can come in contact with that water. Also, it is imperative to invest in masks to cover your mouth and nose. It will keep the dust from bothering your respiratory system.

Step Four: reduce the dust. Cover all the floors and openings to the rest of the building so that the dust and debris cannot get out. The more time you spend preparing for the removal process then the easier the cleanup will be when it is over.

Step Five: getting down to business. The actual removal of non-painted texture is rather simple. Fill a spray bottle with ordinary tap water. Use a ladder to get in a position where you can reach the ceiling. Spray the water on a small portion of the ceiling. The popcorn texture will absorb the water and can be scrapped off with a paint scrapper. Ceilings that have been painted or treated will require removal methods that take more time and energy.

The texture on a ceiling may look nice to some, but it can be impossible to keep clean and looking nice. Popcorn ceiling removal is important before you tackle home painting in Concord and can be just a few simple steps away.