Can You Make a Room Look Bigger with Interior Painting in Walnut Creek Homes?

The literal truth about a room is that its walls are fixed and its shape and size cannot be physically altered without a lot of fuss and muss. Nevertheless, figuratively speaking, a room can be made to appear larger, smaller, or shaped differently with the help of interior painting in Walnut Creek homes. There are a few techniques that can improve the way you and your guests view the rooms, even if they are not ideal.

This is mostly done by the judicial use of color, although texture or patterns can sometimes be a factor. Colors are perceived differently by the eye based on the shade and tint of the color. Darker and warmer colors are generally seen as closer to the viewer, while cooler and lighter colors seem farther away. You can adjust the perception of attractiveness, size, and shape with this knowledge.

If the room you are redecorating is smaller than you would like, painting the walls a light color will make it seem larger. This effect is enhanced when you use the same color on the ceiling. This is because the single color gives the eye no “stopping place,” which opens out a cramped space. A cool color such as blue or green will also increase the effect. This is not a place for patterns or textures. Avoid edges such as borders or contrasting trim.

If the room you wish to redecorate is a large room, darker colors will help it to close in a bit, and warmer colors will make it feel cozy. Use a chair rail or border to split the room horizontally and stop the eye, shrinking it a bit. Stripes or patterns are a good choice here. Add crown molding, trim, or wainscoting; have the bottom of the room a different color from the top. The rooms in your Walnut Creek home can look totally different after interior painting.

If the shape is not to your liking, you can use paint to adjust the perception of shape, as well. A lighter colored ceiling will appear higher, especially when paired with vertically striped walls. A long room can be made to appear more square with lighter colors on the longer walls and darker colors on the ends. Horizontal stripes on those end walls can make them appear wider, as well. Use a shorter wall as an accent or focal point to draw the eye.

Even though the walls and ceiling of a room are not easily moved, one’s eyes can see it as more aesthetically pleasing with the aid of interior painting in your Walnut Creek home.