Best Home Painting Fremont – Interior Painting Inspiration

It takes the best home painting in Fremont to achieve any area of your home into an extraordinary space.  

While it is also fine to draw your interior design and paint color inspirations from your preferences or personal style, it is too good to look for other ideas from anywhere else. These days, it’s easier to derive fresh interior painting inspirations from pictures on numerous interior design magazines or interior design websites. But if you happen to read this article, you might want to look at our suggestions for the ideal paint color to bring life to your interior space.

Living room – The living room is the setting for creating peaceful moments and countless memories with your family and friends. It is also the place where you establish your unique personal style. Whether you want your living room traditional and formal, relaxed and casual, or sleek and modern, the right choice of paint colors will help you achieve your living room’s look.

Neutral colors are a natural color choice for a living space. Living areas are often open to other areas of the house (such as dining room and kitchen), so painting your living room with neutral hues is a practical choice, as they create a smooth and seamless look from one space to another.

Green is one of the best colors for the living room, as it evokes harmony and renewal. It also echoes the hues of nature. If nature inspires you, but you don’t have the space (or the energy) for putting indoor plants, painting your living room walls in green can be a great alternative.

Blue is America’s favorite color, so it is also a popular color for living spaces. No wonder – it lends a calming and stabilizing effect to your home. Certain shades of blue are attractive and relaxing to look at and go well with neutrals such as beige, shades of gray, and shades of brown.

Kitchen – A kitchen may be the most trafficked space compared to the other areas of a house. Therefore, paint it with the functionality in mind, but so it will look good. Since kitchens are such a busy area in the home that is cleaned regularly, paints with a satin or semi-gloss finish are the best options.

White and other neutrals are no-brainer options for the kitchen. These colors help you spot dirt and spills, feel fresh and clean, and make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter. However, a pop of color is also a great idea to further enliven the look of your kitchen. Painting the kitchen with your preferred colors gives a nice personal touch to it.

Most people start their day in the kitchen as they prepare breakfast so that warmer colors can stimulate one’s appetite. Red is an excellent and popular choice for kitchens. You can use any red shades that would pop in a kitchen, either on the walls or cabinets.

Shades of yellow can instantly brighten your kitchen, as a ray of sunshine would. Like red, yellow is also a warm color that can drive one’s hunger. Some shades of yellow, such as soft pastel yellow, feels soothing and helps one to relax.

Green is also an excellent choice – it brings renewal, harmony, freshness, and vitality to any space like the kitchen. It instantly reminds you of the fresh greens, raw fruits, and fresh herbs. Green is both a warm color (yellow) and a cool color (blue), so it brings a unique blend of energy and calmness to the kitchen. There are many shades of green to use for kitchen walls and cabinets, such as the popular ones like mint and apple green. Or if you are feeling adventurous, try emerald green, Pantone’s “Color of the Year” in 2013.

Gray has become steadily gained popularity in recent years. While many see gray as cold, it can work wonders to your kitchen if you choose the right shades. The beauty of gray is its versatility. You can leave the color as if it appears unfinished, such as “concrete” look typical in industrial kitchens or pair it wonderfully with a wide array of other colors.

Bedroom – A bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, but it is also a sanctuary for peace and quiet. It is only appropriate that colors for the bedroom should carry soothing vibes. And so, blue is often cited as the best color for promoting soothing feelings. You can use any shade of blue to paint your bedroom walls. For instance, pale blue reflects the color of the sky on a clear, crisp autumn day. You can use vibrant shades of blue to remind you of the depths of the ocean. Deep blue brings deep soothing vibes and promotes healing of the soul. But since it is a rich color, you should be careful in using it, or your bedroom can be too intense to relax.

Soft grays bring a calming vibe and a sense of sophistication to your bedroom. The key to a beautiful gray-colored bedroom is to keep it soft and subtle; it can become too dramatic or depressing.

Soft greens have cool and warm elements to it so that they will work great for any bedroom. They evoke feelings of tranquility and contentment.

Bathroom – Whether you see your bathroom as a soothing, spa-like sanctuary for long, luxurious soaks or an energizing place to take your quick morning shower, the right bathroom color scheme can deliver your intentions well.

Bright whites are an obvious choice – it is clean and crisp. It brings a truly classic and timeless bathroom style. White also gives smaller bathrooms an illusion of a big space. Shades of brown create a calm and earthy appearance to your bathroom, bringing a relaxed spa-like atmosphere. If you are looking for a more dramatic look, charcoal can be the best bet, bringing an air of sophistication to your bathroom. If your bathroom is small and has only minimal fixtures, enliven it with bright yellow accents or greens from the more vibrant side. 

But if you are not into vibrant colors, softer shades of blue will send you to a soothing mood. Lavender for the bathroom walls will give the same soothing effect; at the same time, it will make your bathroom look luxurious.

The function of an area in your home can be a top deciding factor for choosing the right paint colors. The area’s size can also influence your paint color choices. Personal preferences can play a part, too. But if you are still not sure what color will work best for your home’s interiors, the best option is to consult the expertise of the best home painting in Fremont companies.