Best Commercial Painting East Bay – Does Saltwater Affect Paint?

The best commercial painting in East Bay contractor can address and give solutions to virtually every type of surface problem, whether it is caused by man or nature.

Living by the ocean is everyone’s dream. Imagine waking up to the sea breeze and the gentle waves and ending your day by watching the gorgeous sunset from the deck of your house.

You love the sun, sea, and sand. However, these exact three things may also affect the condition of your seaside home.

Your home’s regular exposure to the sun may cause its exterior paint to fade and experience more serious surface flaws such as chipping and cracking.

You’d never think that sand would affect your home’s exterior paint. But depending on how close to the beach you live, the sand can also cause damage to the paint over time. When sand is constantly blown by the wind, it can leave rough and “scratchy” marks on the surface, eventually wearing down the paint.

Regularly applying the exterior surfaces with a sealant can freshen up the paint’s appearance and protect it from further damage caused by the sun and sand. Power washing will help in getting rid of the damage caused by the sand and wind.

Does saltwater effect paint?

The answer is, yes, it does. Especially if you live very near the coast. The sidings, ridges, corners, windowsills, and doors of your house may be constantly washed by the seawater. Since the salts of the seawater do not dissolve, they may leave deposits on any parts and structures of your home’s exterior which can cause damage to the paint.

The constant splashes of seawater, combined with humidity, may also cause increased moisture build-up. This can result in the growth of molds and mildew, which can eat away your paint.

Solution and maintenance

Living by the oceanside is no doubt a paradise. But unlike inland homes, coastal homes are more susceptible to corrosion and overall damage due to the presence of unique elements such as the sand and seawater.

Sealants are probably the best way to protect exterior surfaces from these elements. However, they won’t be a permanent fix, that is why applying them regularly is recommended.

Staining is mostly applied to doors and windowsills. It can repel moisture, but the warm weather may strip it down. It’s easy to tell when a wood surface needs new staining when it looks dry and a bit shriveled. Like sealing, staining should be done regularly, preferably every once a year or once every two years.

Homeowners of coastal dwellings could realistically expect maintenance every year or every two years to painted surfaces. Detecting the damage early is important because it can help prevent costly repairs and re-painting.

Prepping your home’s exterior surface is not just important – it is crucial, especially in coastal environments. Properly cleaning the surface, repairing any damage, sealing the surface and priming will ensure the topcoat adheres better to the surface. A good paint finish from the best commercial painting in East Bay contractors will offer long-lasting protection to your home against saltwater, sand, and sun for a long period.

Everyone can paint the exterior of their homes, especially if they have a considerable DIY home painting experience. But if you do not have the time or the desire to put in the extra work and trouble, you can also hire the best commercial painting East Bay companies to take care of business. You should do your homework first to make sure that these paint experts understand the hazards of living by the ocean before you hire them.