Asking Friends about the Best Residential Painting Companies in the Bay Area

True friends usually give the best and most reliable advice. And that’s why, without the slightest hesitation, you’d turn to them whenever you need recommendations for the best residential painting companies in the Bay Area.


Your friends have likely hired contractors in the past to paint their homes. Based on their first-hand experiences, they may recommend some contractors they worked with or tell you which contractors you should avoid. 


Likely, your friends will not recommend novice painters. Due to their lack of experience, novice painters won’t provide you with the meticulous details that more experienced painters will. A painting service company will offer you the following benefits: an experienced crew, licenses, bonds, insurance, and warranties.


Now, you have a list of your friend’s recommended contractors. It doesn’t mean that you should hire them immediately just because your friends tell you, “This company is good.” While it doesn’t mean you don’t trust their judgment, you only want to make sure that these contractors should be worth your money. After all, you’re conscious of the costs, but you also want to protect your home, which is your investment. And besides, anything can change, especially if it’s long since your friends last hired those contractors.


It’s essential to speak to contractors you’re considering. So, it’s good to prepare questions to help you determine which contractor should be worthy of your project.


Are you licensed?

You don’t want to hire a contractor who’s not licensed or whose license has expired. Having a valid and state-issued license means that the contractor is qualified and has proven basic knowledge of the paint techniques.


Are you insured?

Same with the license – you don’t want to hire a contractor who’s not insured. You can ask them for certificates of their general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. A good contractor will not hesitate to show them to you.


Do you have references?

It’s okay if the company doesn’t want to give you their past client’s personal information and contacts. However, make sure to check the company’s reviews online. If most customers have unpleasant experiences with that company, there’s a good chance it will have negative reviews. Always remember: one or a few bad reviews mixed with a dozen good ones could only mean sour grapes.


How much will the paint cost?

Ensure to obtain estimates from at least three paint companies you’re considering hiring. 


So, how will you get estimates? Contact those companies, and they will come to your property to assess it. After inspecting your home, they will create an estimate and send it to you. Once you have all the estimates you requested, review and compare them.

Always remember that low prices are not always better. Instead of looking for the cheapest service, you should choose the service that will be worth your money. Make sure that estimates are accurate and clearly stated.


However, things can change. For example, if the paint is out of stock or someone from the paint crew is unavailable, it can affect the project’s total cost. Dates, coats of paint, paint colors, and changes in the paint crew can mean more or less cost. So, you should anticipate those changes.


What paint brands do you use?

Qualified contractors use quality paints and materials for every project. It would help if you asked them about the paint products they usually use for the project. But if you have a preferred paint brand in mind, you can suggest that to the contractor, and they will adjust the overall cost written in their estimate accordingly.


Who will be working in my home?

You should also ask the company if they perform background checks on their crew and whether they are employees or subcontractors. Consider the company that employs its workers.


Is there a warranty?

Don’t accept warranties spoken over the phone. Accept only written warranties which you can read and review before you sign. You can use this warranty when there are faults in the contractors’ work. If you find these faults, contact the company, and the painters will come to your property to fix them for free.


Need to talk to a painting pro? Need a friend to turn to for quality paint service? The best residential painting companies in the Bay Area will be able to refresh your home’s interior and exterior. Contact us at Custom Painting, Inc., and we will gladly give you a free estimate of our services.