Painting Livermore – Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

If you are tired of the same old look of your bathroom, you don’t have to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars on a full-scale renovation. Several cost-effective tricks, such as painting in Livermore, will transform your bathroom into your own private sanctuary.

Repainting your bathroom also gives you a good opportunity to clear the clutter, clean the area, and check the condition of the walls prior to painting. Since bathrooms are high-humidity areas, mold and mildew may be thriving on the surface of the walls. Or worse, there may be rotting wood underneath. So, it’s important to maintain the surface in good condition before applying the topcoat to it.

A new infusion of color and style could elevate your dirty, dingy, and smelly bathroom into a private spa experience. Whether you have a large-scale bathroom or are working on a tiny bathroom, check out these tricks that will make your bathroom your everyday private spa.

1) Soft Taupe

Neutrals are popular choices for bathroom walls. Soft taupe, for example, exudes a warm and cozy ambiance and is a perfect wall color to match any accent color. It even makes the smallest bathrooms feel luxurious and tranquil.

2) Soft Fern

The cool cucumber brings the serenity of the forest into your own haven. Try painting this color on the ceiling to create a sophisticated look.

3) Softer shades of Gray

Grays have become popular contemporary colors as they are quite versatile. They exude sophistication and lend a soft, tranquil, and moody feel to a bathroom.

Incorporate the colors of concrete and granite to your bathroom by painting the walls with any shades of gray: ash gray, stone gray, cool gray, cadet gray, blue-gray, or medium gray. Bright white trims add complete contrast, ensuring the result won’t end up drab. Actually, many accent colors can work with gray, depending on the shade.

4) Seafoam Green

The coastal aesthetic of seafoam green will bring in some freshness and create in your bathroom a spa-like retreat. It is best paired with any shades of white.

5) Nautical Blue

Bring your love for the sea and sailing indoors by incorporating a nautical theme to your bathroom. Nautical blue is soothing and relaxing to the eye, creating an incredible home spa atmosphere. Complement the look by adding circular mirrors (that will remind you of portholes) and other maritime accessories such as an anchor, a steering wheel, a ring buoy, some seashells, corals, and starfish.

6) Classic White

Don’t dismiss classic white as boring, just yet. A clean, crisp white remains the popular choice for bathrooms. Although white walls are a relatively simple concept, the look can be sophisticated and even striking. White, from top to bottom, tends to be cold and clinical. Break the look by trying different colors or shapes for your bathroom tiles or warm things up by using light wood accessories and adding some indoor plants.

Complete the “bathroom spa” transformation by adding some pots of indoor plants. Bringing greenery provides a welcome burst of nature to your bathroom. But more importantly, indoor plants soften hard lines and help purify indoor air. But not all plants thrive in humid areas that receive little sunlight, so make sure to choose indoor plants that will do well in bathrooms.

It’s amazing that simply painting in Livermore can dramatically transform the look of a space. But if you want a more professional touch for your bathroom, the experts from Custom Painting, Inc. will work with you every step of the way. We can even help you choose the colors that will transform your bathroom into your own private spa. If you’d like to discuss how Custom Painting, Inc. can help you with your bathroom project, call us at (925) 294-8062 or fill out this form for a free estimate.