Exterior Painting Alamo – Appealing Exterior Colors

If you are looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, but you do not want to commit to costly renovations, why not consider exterior painting in Alamo? Your neighbors and other people who happen to pass by will see the change you make, so you may want to be careful about your choice of colors.

You don’t want to choose the same color all over again, so look for a new exterior paint that will highlight the features of your home and stand out in your neighborhood at the same time (in a good way, of course).

Deciding on a paint color (in any project, not just exterior painting) is more challenging than one would think. You’re often caught in the middle of a quandary while looking at several color swatches during your visit to the paint shop. This color or that color might look good when you hold the swatch against the wall, but what will it look like if it’s painted on the exterior of your home? Your neighbors would think you have no taste, the color doesn’t go well with your home’s surroundings, or you don’t like how the color looks when sunlight falls on the surface.

To avoid any of these scenarios, consider these tips to achieve appealing colors for your home’s exterior:

1) Stay neutral

If you would like to play it safe, stick with neutrals. They are fail-safe and blend well with the surrounding environment. If your home’s current color is neutral, choose a new neutral. Or, if you don’t want to paint the entire house now, you may choose a different neutral color to paint trim around doors and windows, porch floors, and shutters for a unified look.

2) Add a pop of color

A little goes a long way! You don’t have to go all-out to make your house a standout in your neighborhood. If you love that navy-blue front door on your neighbor’s house, find a color that will add a dose of whimsy and fun and paint your front door. Cherry red, apple green, and even orange are just a few fun suggestions if you want to make a dramatic statement. Or if you’re going to tone it down a bit, you may choose paprika red, baby blue, or salmon pink for the door. You may also apply the same bold colors to your outdoor furniture.

3) Draw highlights

Take a moment to study at your house’s exterior. Is there a unique feature that needs to be in the spotlight? Archways, gables, railings, fences, gingerbread trim, specialty doors and windows, and even house numbers are just a few of the possibilities. Once you have found your artistic spot, consider giving the features a highlight with a darker shade of the same color as the rest of the house (or lighter shade) if your home is painted with a darker color).

4) Go all-out

Have you ever walked around your home and your neighborhood and been left feeling that your house is the most ho-hum one on the block? Then it may be the best time to give your home a different exterior paint color scheme. Start by choosing the primary color for your home’s exterior. Next, you can choose complementary colors for your door and window trim, front door, shutters, and porch floors. Add a new design for your house number and place some new plants near the front entrance to make a statement. Soon enough, your neighbors will look to your house as their new inspiration!

Exterior house painting in Alamo can consist of painting just the architectural highlights or painting the entire exterior. Whatever your choice, you can depend on professional painting contractors to make your home look beautiful and brand-new again.