Commercial Painters Bay Area: Does Paint and Tool Quality Matter?

One of the reasons why businesses hire commercial painters in the Bay Area is that they want quality paintwork on their buildings, establishments, and facilities. Businesses want their clients to have a great first impression on them by making their appearance fresh and brand new again.

While it is understandable that some businesses are on a tight budget, it is never advisable to hire cheap but inferior painters. It’s probably because they use low-quality paints and tools. So, yes, paint and tool quality matter in a paint project. No matter how big or small a business is, a truly reputable commercial painter treats each project as equal, so he uses no less than paints and tools of high quality.

So yes, paint and tool quality does matter! Using superior paints and materials will lead to a high-quality paint finish that is guaranteed to last for a long time. This factor spells the difference between a professional and an amateur painter.

As you see, professional painters refuse to sacrifice quality for a few hundred dollars. A lot of amateur or inferior painters would substitute cheaper paints and materials to save money. However, professionals understand that the right paints and materials offer an extra amount of quality which will make the project even better.


Like many other things, good quality paint is often worth more than buying cheap paints, which will wear out sooner than expected. Worse, it can cause a variety of surface problems.

It’s no secret that professional painters use good quality paints to give the surface a sleek, flawless and durable finish. High-quality paints provide better pigmentation and contain superior ingredients such as resins for better adhesion and layer of protection. Cheap paints contain low-quality resins which would lead to surface problems such as peeling, cracking, flaking, bubbling and chipping.

Also, high-quality paints contain fewer solvents, which means thicker coating – providing a much better application, adhesion, and coverage. Some products have primer mixed right into the paint, which eliminates the need to prime the surface first before applying the topcoat.

Cheap paints, on the other hand, have a higher amount of solvents, which means thinner coating and a much poorer adhesive capability. With using cheap paints, you will end up with a poor quality application, inferior coverage, and a finish that will wear out quickly in the long run. Instead of saving money, you will end up spending more by painting the surfaces again.

You won’t have to encounter such hassles when you use high-quality paints. They provide superior pigmentation, coverage and finish, and are guaranteed to last for a long time that you do not need to repaint the surface.


The importance of using quality tools cannot be underestimated. Professional painters know that using superior tools and equipment will also lead to high-quality results.

Trying to save money on cheap but inferior or ill-chosen paintbrushes will be a big mistake. When choosing a brush, you need to know what kind of paint you are using. If you are using latex paints, you have to choose a paintbrush with synthetic bristles; for oil paints, choose a paintbrush with natural bristles. Professional painters are aware that a good-quality paintbrush should be sturdy enough for gripping and should hold just the right amount of paint in the bristles – not too sparse, but also not too much. Unlike cheap paint brushes, good quality paintbrushes do not leave ugly marks on the surface.

Aside from the standard paintbrush, there are many different styles of brushes. Some of them include “sash” and flat-tipped brushes. A sash paintbrush has angled bristles which allow you to “cut in” easier on corners and edges. A flat-tipped brush is used for larger and wider areas, usually on exterior surfaces.

Amateur painters would use masking tape because they think it’s the same as a painter’s tape except that it’s cheaper. What they do not know, however, is that a painter’s tape leaves cleaner and sharper edges to the final result.

When covering floor and furnishings from paint drips and splatters, it’s better to invest in drop cloths instead of plastic covers. Canvas drop cloths, while more expensive than plastic, are reusable. They are more durable than plastic and easier to store after use. Besides, stepping on plastic covers may cause you to slip, and you might end up with serious injuries!

When professional painters come to your commercial space or facility, expect them to be well-equipped. Depending on the size and nature of a painting project, they may bring other tools and equipment such as putty knives, buckets, paint scrapers, paint rollers, roller trays, trim guides, spackling paste, scrub brushes, caulking guns, step ladders, extension ladders, and even scaffolding.

Hiring commercial painters in the Bay Area is an investment and choosing the best painters will be the best investment you’ll ever make. These pros know that the best way to ensure a successful paint job is using no less than high-quality paints and tools.