Commercial Painters Lathrop – Differences Between Commercial and Residential Painters

Commercial painters in Lathrop can either specialize in house painting, or commercial painting, or both. Other painting service companies also offer industrial painting (either as part of commercial painting or as a separate service).

It is rather surprising that a lot of people are still confused between commercial painters and residential painters. Yes, you can say that both residential and commercial painters are technically commercial companies, in the sense that both provide painting services for a profit. However, the nature of their business and work is otherwise different.

You can see below the distinctions between residential and commercial painters:

1. Number of workers

Because of the smaller scope of their work, residential painters typically have a small team of workers. They do simple painting jobs, such as painting a bedroom or painting the entire house.

Commercial painters, on the other hand, have a large team of workers. They paint a variety of commercial structures and establishments of different sizes. They include small retail stores, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, offices and other commercial spaces. Their work can also extend to other facilities such as schools, clinics, churches, and factories.

2. Amount of paint

Between residential and commercial painting, it is apparent that the latter uses more paint as required in the project. This is the reason why painting contractors may use different tools and equipment for commercial paint jobs. Larger spaces will cost more because they require more paint and labor.

3. Range of services

In residential painting, workers have enough knowledge and experience of painting both the interior and the exterior of a home. They also do other jobs such as cleaning and preparing the surface for painting and cleaning up after the paint job. Some residential painting contractors provide special services such as popcorn ceiling removal or lead paint removal from older homes.

In commercial painting, on the other hand, contractors typically offer a wider range of services that go beyond surface preparation and interior and exterior painting. Their services may also include epoxy flooring, sandblasting, electrostatic painting, faux finishing and many others.

4. Experience

Both residential and commercial painting requires workers with unique skills and experience so that they can carry out their jobs efficiently.

However, commercial painters usually have more experience than their residential counterparts. In residential painting, any DIYer could re-paint his or her bedroom. Commercial painters, on the other hand, should have the skills to handle different kinds of paints and equipment. They should be also trained on the different painting techniques as required by their projects. Apart from experience, commercial painters should have the endurance to paint an entire facility, or a high-rise building, with a team of people.

In residential painting, painters typically have a knack for communicating with the homeowners. Plus, they know about protecting your furniture, fixtures and other valuables before, during and after painting.

5. Schedule availability

In residential painting, the painters’ work schedules are usually restricted to regular business hours during the week.

In commercial painting, most of the worksites are typically large and have complicated structures. That is why it is quite logical that they require a larger team of workers to complete the painting job on time. When extremely necessary, painters may work on night shifts, weekdays or even holidays to expedite the completion of the project.

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