House Painting Bay Area: Exterior Paint Lasts Longer with Prep Work

One of the things that you definitely want out of house painting in the Bay Area is to have a paint job that will last for a long time so that you don’t have to repeat the work too soon. That’s why one of the keys to a lasting paint job is proper preparation work on the surface prior to the actual painting.

Preparation is the big difference between DIY-ers and professional painters. The pros have learned that getting everything properly prepped will lead to a more durable, even, and often more beautiful result. Proper prep work can also increase the time between painting again.

Start your prep work by inspecting your house for leaks and any other moisture problems. These, even for interior moisture problems like leaks from the ceiling, can lead to vapors which push the paint from the walls as it goes out through pores of the exterior surface. These are the issues that should not be forgotten to be tackled by fixing them.

Inspect if there is any damage on the exterior walls like rotting wood, wood gnawed by insects, or damaged by accidental impact such as branches. It is necessary to repair them before getting to paint. Check external fixtures as well as fasteners for rust, as it will discolor any paint it touches. The presence of water will also expand the discoloration beneath the rust. Sand the fixtures or fasteners and apply something that will inhibit rusting. Or better yet, replace them with new fasteners and/or fixtures that won’t rust.

Clean the surface thoroughly. If the surface is not clean, the paint will never be able to stick to the surface. Kill mold and mildew and get rid of the cobwebs, dirt, grease and grime as they will also affect the quality of the painting job. Washing the surfaces with your regular garden washer is fine. You can also add a cleaning agent into a sprayer and spray it on the surface. Bleach is also effective in killing any existing mildew. A power washer may also be ok, although hand-scrubbing areas that need a more thorough cleaning can be equally helpful. Because of the strong pressure involved with using a power washer, it can cause damage to the surface if you are not being careful.

If you find any damaged areas such as peeling, chipping or flaking paint, scrape them off carefully and gently. Sand the surface smooth. Don’t forget to wipe or rinse the dust created by this procedure so it does not impede the new painting application.

Finally, coat the surface with a primer if necessary. It may not be required, but it will create a stronger bond needed for the topcoat as well fill any tiny holes and cracks. The result is a smoother paint job. If you had old, peeling paint to scrape off, it is ideal to use a primer afterwards.

When all the prep work is all properly done and completed, you can now move on to do house painting in the Bay Area! Make sure also that you use high-quality paints and proper materials so that your paint job is assured of an excellent and long-lasting finish.