House Painting Bay Area: Using Primer Has Benefits

House painting in Bay Area is one of the cost-effective and excellent ways to freshen up the whole look of your house. Your house will even look better if you use the proper tools and high-grade paints as well as follow the proper painting procedures.

You may or may not use a primer when house painting in the Bay Area. A primer, by the way, is a preparatory undercoat which is applied just before the top coat. Although you may choose not to use primer (mainly because of additional costs), choosing to use it brings great benefits and advantages.

Sometimes as you paint, you find that the paint does not stick well to every surface. Or when you move into a new home and you want to give the walls a fresh coat of paint, you’re unsure what new paint color you’re going to choose. The primer will be the solution to both problems.

Using a primer will make sure that your paint will bond to any surface, but this would help more to ensure the surface is properly prepared before applying the primer. The primer will enable you to give your chosen paint a better chance to adhere properly. Using a primer will also allow you to apply any paint colors you choose. If you want to paint a lighter color on a darker one, or apply a darker color over a lighter one, the primer will more than do the job. The primer creates a bond which will allow you to add color.

If your walls have some cracks or any other types of surface flaws, or there are areas where repairs are needed, this is the perfect place to use a primer. It seals the surfaces to be painted. If you really want a smooth surface, the primer will be the answer.

When you decide painting wood is needed, a primer will improve the quality of your painting job. Since the wood grains have the ability absorb any moisture it comes in contact with, this will led to the grains swelling. As a result, the surfaces will suffer cracking and peeling. A primer creates a watertight seal for the wooden surface, protecting it from absorbing moisture from the paint. Using a primer will enable you to achieve a smoother surface without damaging the wood.

Using primer is also needed when painting wood because it will prevent the grain from showing through a coat of paint. When using the primer, you won’t need to apply multiple coats of paint to hide the grain. As bonus, the primer is often less expensive than the paint so using it will cut the cost of painting your room or the home’s exterior.

As implied earlier, a primer helps the paint to bond better to the surface, and creates a bond which allows you to add new color. New drywall needs a primer to seal sanded joint compound. A primer can also help paint bond to concrete surfaces as well as help prepare metal and plastics to accept paint.

A primer is not absolutely necessary when painting, but it brings a lot of good benefits. Professional painters regard the primer as a blessing because it makes their job easier and allows them to produce excellent results. So the question is do you really need a primer? The answer you get will depend upon who you ask. If you are going to seek advice from a professional painting contractor such as Custom Painting, Inc., you can ask them if using primer is necessary before you start house painting in Bay Area.