Useful Tips for When Hiring the Best Painting Contractors in Danville

Anyone considering repainting their home or business will want to hire the best painting contractors in Danville. With the number of contractors available, how do you know you’ve chosen the right one? These helpful suggestions will help you know how to find the best contractor for your painting needs.

  • No matter what size painting job you have, obtain at least three quotes. If the job is very large, get more. Painting contractor rates can vary considerably for the same job. When searching for painting contractors in Danville, pay attention to whether they offer to come inspect the property to be painted before offering an estimate. If they will not meet with you, go to the next contractor on your list.
  • Ask for and call references. Even though contractors will provide a list of satisfied customers, if you know what questions to ask, you will be able to tell a valid glowing reference from one that maybe isn’t so glowing. Common questions include:
  • Did they arrive on time?
  • Did they complete the work within the estimated time?
  • Did you experience any problems while they were on-site? Were they handled in a satisfactory manner?
  • How respectful were they of your home, your property and your time?
  • Was the site thoroughly cleaned once the work was completed?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a lesser price if the contractor you most want to work with is not within your budget. Painting contractors in Danville are able to adjust estimates if they want to do the job. It is important to be reasonable in your request and not request too much of a discount.
  • Read the contractor thoroughly and be sure you understand it before signing it. Ask the contractor to explain anything you don’t understand. If you can do this while the contractor is present, you can learn what you need to know and avoid disputes in the future. You may want to ask any or all of these questions about the contract:
  • Does the estimate cover one or more coats of paint?
  • What insurance do you hold and what does it cover?
  • Will it be my responsibility to move furniture or does the estimate include this?
  • Is prep time and clean up included in the estimate or will that be an extra charge?
  • If I change my mind on the paint color after the work has started, how does that affect the estimate?
  • What additional expenses may cause the price to change once the job is started? Is there a procedure in place about additional charges?
  • Before handing over the final payment for the work, ask the contractor to do a walk through so you can ensure everything was done according your agreement. Discuss any items that seem wrong and allow them the opportunity to make the problem right. Hold your final payment until the item is corrected because once you have given them the payment they may not be able to return to make corrections.

It does not have to be difficult finding a painting contractor in Danville, but it may take time. The effort you expend will be easier if you use the above tips.