Painters Concord – Paint Brush or Paint Gun-Which is Better?

Painters in Concord have their favorite tools and use a variety of them in the course of a job. Some will use paint brushes for the entire job while others will strictly use paint guns. Others will use a combination of the two. Is it better to use one or the other to get the best finish? The answer depends on whom you ask.

Licensed painters in Concord, as well as do-it-yourselfers, have used paint brushes when painting homes for years. They come in a variety of sizes and have specific uses like cutting in or painting trim as well as materials like natural or synthetic bristles. Foam brushes are also available but not recommended by professionals. Brushes range in price from a $1 up to $40 for the highest quality.

Paint Brush Advantages

  • They are simple to use and readily available
  • They do not require electricity to use
  • They are relatively easy to clean but to do the job right, you will want to take the time necessary to remove all paint
  • They last for years as long as they have been cleaned properly after each use

Paint Brush Disadvantages

  • Learning to use them for detailed painting takes practice
  • They can leave visible strokes. If you don’t want to see the stroke, consider a different painting method

Paint guns, or paint sprayers, are a newer invention but has been available or several years. When they first came out, they were expensive and only professionals used them. The price is no longer so high and people who prefer do-it-yourself projects can afford them. Cheaper versions will run $20 but you can spend considerably more for better quality paint guns.

Paint Gun Advantages

  • They provide an even coat and do not leave brush strokes
  • They can apply paint in areas inaccessible to a paint brush
  • They are relatively easy to learn to use but do take practice. Once you learn how, however, you may never go back to painting with a paint brush.

Paint Gun Disadvantages

  • You must have electricity and compressed air for use
  • They take a bit to set up before painting. It is necessary to cover things to avoid getting paint specks on them.
  • Wearing a paint mask is not an option, it is a necessity when painting with a paint gun
  • Cleaning a paint gun is more time consuming and more important. Not cleaning the paint gun properly can damage it beyond repair and require replacing it.

As stated above, every painter has their preference. Some will prefer to use a paint brush and others will prefer a paint gun. Painters in Concord may choose one or the other; some will use both and know how to get the professional results you want.