Home Painting San Ramon – Accent Wall Tips You Can Use Today

Home Painting in San Ramon can be boring if you simply repaint the interior of your home with the same color. Add renewed interest and visual appeal to your home by painting it different from the others. Create an accent wall using these tips that will help your room seem new and fresh.

Everyone has something in their home they want to bring attention to so it can be admired. It may be a special painting or hard-to-match heirloom piece of furniture. You may have also found a paint that matches these items perfectly. You could paint the entire room that color, but would it be too much and would the piece disappear? Creating an accent wall allows you to use the accent color and avoid overwhelming the rest of the room.

You can use an accent wall in any room of your home including bathrooms, foyers or hallways. Shift attention to the hard-to-match furniture by placing it against the accent wall. Showcase the antique buffet from your grandparents by painting the wall an accent color that makes the buffet stand out. If you want to draw extra attention to an item, that’s the place you would add a splash of color.

If you have ever spoken with an interior decorator or watched a decorating show on television, they stress having a dominant color in your décor with a subordinate color and up to two accent colors. Use one of the accent colors behind the item you want to showcase. The subordinate color that is contained in a group of three paintings could be the perfect choice for an accent behind them. If you want to use an accent wall in the kitchen, look at your marble counter top or artwork you use in that room. Using a color that is contained in items in your kitchen and using that as the accent will help coordinate the room.

Some people choose to use patterns to create an accent wall. Wallpaper can also be used. Think of bold stripes, a mural, a texture or faux finish. All of these can be used to bring attention to a wall in your home. Is one wall better than the other to use as an accent wall?

  • An accent wall should not have doors or windows. This is generally true unless you have a large window with a spectacular view. Then you may want to use that as your accent wall to further encourage people to pay attention to that wall.
  • Draw attention to a room’s natural focus. Many homes have beautiful rock fireplaces. If the fireplace doesn’t take up the whole wall, use the accent color here. Do you have a grand piano or sweeping arches that you’d like to draw attention to, these would be prime places for accent colors.
  • Create an illusion of more space by using accent colors. A dark color on one end of a long room can make the room appear shorter.
  • Try to stay within the same color palette if you’re unsure of how an accent wall would look. Find the color palate for the room and then use colors that are one or two shades deeper as the accent color. Of course, if you want something daring and bold, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Do you have more questions about adding an accent color to your home? Custom Painting, Inc. is available to answer your questions and make the most of home painting at your San Ramon location.