Treating Hallways like Other Rooms with Home Painting in Alamo

Hallways are often viewed as ‘non-spaces’ particularly when home painting in Alamo. However, it is better not to ignore them. In fact, you will want to treat them like any other room. Even though it is an unusual space, it can be warm and welcoming or formal; whatever fits best with the rooms it adjoins.

Start by looking at the shape and size of the hallway. Some are odd shaped, others are short and wide; still others are long and narrow. You can use color to help expand the look of the space. Use light colors to make a space appear wider. Darker, warmer colors will help the hallway seem cozier. Consider using a contrasting accent color at the end of the wall, or add a nice mirror to help brighten an area that may seem dark. How you light the hallway will also make a difference. Recess lighting and artwork or an elegant chandelier can be a great addition to a formal hallway. Daylight bulbs will brighten a hallway when there are no windows.

Once you have an idea about the ‘feel’ you want for your hallway, it will make it easier to choose colors. You may want to reuse accent colors from other rooms that adjoin the hallway, but you may also want to try something entirely different. Color is your friend, don’t be afraid of it. Cooler colors will help visitors feel cheerful and encourages trust. Warm colors are welcoming and cozy. Consider adding a texture or pattern to the hallway. For instance, if the hallway is wide, you can add horizontal stripes to make it seem longer. Vertical stripes will help make a narrow hallway seem taller.

You know trim can make a big impact in other rooms, why not use it in the hallway. Create a seamless look by painting the walls and trim the same color. This gives the impression of an artist gallery and is a great choice if you want to fill your hallway walls with artwork or family photos. Use contrasting colors from what is used in the rooms around the hallway. Plum and yellow or mint green and hunter green are some colors that might work in your home. Natural wood trim can be a pleasant addition to this space.

Remember to treat your hallway the same as the other rooms in your house the next time you do home painting in Alamo. It will help your house seem complete rather than having disjointed spaces.