Licensed Painter Pleasant Hill – Foolproof Bathroom Color Combinations

Are you at a loss for what colors to use for your redecorated bathroom? A licensed painter in Pleasant Hill will provide the guidance you need to find a foolproof color combination that is sure to please. If your bathroom is classic (white fixtures and simple tile) or more elegant (marble and wrought iron), color combinations can help create the atmosphere you want.

Do you like the outdoors? Natural color combinations would be a good choice for your bathroom. Consider sky blue ceilings with forest green walls. This will give the impression of being outdoors. Add natural wood trim to complete the look. Other combinations you may want to consider are sunny yellow and fresh green or brown and sage green. The colors you see outdoors in nature would make wonderful combinations indoors. To complete the outdoorsy feel, add fresh or dried plants.

Perhaps you want a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. You often find chocolate brown and sea foam green in resorts and spas as well as pink and dark brown. White matched with blue is another color combination that is spa-like. Match it with deep blue, slate blue or pastel blue. Aqua, which is green and blue, can also be a soothing combination alongside yellow or white.

Is a ‘fresh’ feel something you would enjoy? Kelly green and white may be what appeals. When using white, be sure to use something to make it pop such as a contrasting color. Bright blue or sky blue, when used together or with white, also provides a fresh atmosphere.

Some people want a playful look in their bathroom. Colors that are bold and unexpected can be playful, as well as bold patterns. Lime green paired with pink will definitely make your bathroom the talk of your friends. Pink and purple, as well as fuchsia and white, are other combinations to consider. Colors that are opposite on the color wheel, such as green and orange or blue and red, also provides a playful atmosphere.

Even though you think you might know what you want for your bathroom color combination, if you use your bathroom to put on makeup be prepared. Certain colors will bleach you out rather than complement your skin tone. It can also cause your makeup to appear different when you put them on and then when you’re out in bright office lights. Your licensed painter in Pleasant Hill will help you find the foolproof bathroom color combination for your home.