Interior Painting Danville – How to Create a Tuscan Inspired Bathroom with Paint

Have you been to Tuscany and fallen in love with the look of Italian villas? Seek a painter for interior painting in Danville to help you get the same look in your Danville home’s master bath.

Many home owners have decided to use a Tuscan theme for their bathrooms. Why would this look be so popular? It is warm and welcoming even though it has a weathered appearance. Materials you would expect to find in a Tuscan-inspired room include leather, wrought iron, marble, terra cotta tiles, wood and copper. Colors you would expect are rust red, warm brown, burnt orange, olive green, sunshine yellow and Mediterranean blue. With all of these choices, you can use this inspiration for a formal bathroom or one that is less formal and rustic.

Professional interior painters in Danville will begin with neutral base such as off-white, light brown or eggshell. After the paint has dried for a full 24 hours, they will move forward with color or color and texture.

Texture is achieved by mixing base color and joint compound until it appears like thick cake batter. Stucco-like texture is added with a comb-edge spreader with areas that are thicker than others. To achieve a similar look with only color, you would sponge or rag a wash of color, allowing this layer to also dry for 24 hours.

Details such as grape vines, faux stones or bricks can add detail and interest. Crackle glaze or a mural painted on the wall would also complete the Tuscan-inspired feel. Consider a landscape with a vineyard and Italian villas and the hills of Italy.

When the Tuscan-inspired bathroom is complete with all details and murals, it would be best to allow the paint to dry for a full 24 hours. It is also important not to use the bathroom while the paint dries to avoid moisture problems. Once the paint has fully dried, paint two coats of clear sealer over the walls to keep moisture out and keep the walls looking great.

Add whatever accessories are needed to complete the look and then sit back and enjoy your Tuscan-inspired bathroom created with interior painting in Danville.