Home Painting Danville – Make the Most of Your Foyer with Paint

When visitors enter your home, they will usually see your foyer first. If you are about to start home painting in Danville, don’t forget your foyer. It is here where guests feel welcomed and they make their first impression of you and your home.

The size of your foyer will, to a large degree, help you determine what to do with your foyer. Its size will help you choose the colors and what accessories you use there. Do you want to use a theme for your foyer or simply paint it? Larger foyers would be more effective for a theme than a smaller space.

A bold theme might be appropriate for a small space. Something bold and bright can be effective for this space because visitors will not spend much time here. For homes that have larger foyers, those large enough to place a seating area or thin table, visitors might spend more time there. Muted tones may be a better choice for this type of foyer.

What type of paint is best for a foyer? Chances are people will run their hands along the wall in a foyer, so using a gloss or semi-gloss paint may be good for its ease of cleaning. If you have several people, especially those of the younger set, going through the foyer, you will likely have to clean the walls often. The right paint finish can make this job a cinch.

Use lighter colors if you want to make a small space seem larger. What color you use can also make a difference to the way a foyer ‘feels.’ Light powder blue or pale slate gray can make a foyer seem fresh. Light yellow, tan or gold lends to a warm feeling. You can use blush colors with a slight pink tinge if you want to have a feminine touch to your foyer.

To make a larger foyer seem cozier, use darker colors, possibly those with textures or patterns to them. Warmer colors would be dark gold, burgundy, brick red or maroon. A cooler color palette, including hunter green or navy blue, would exude trust. The accessories you add to the foyer, as well as the accent colors you use, can make all the difference in this space.

If you have done other home painting in Danville, but have forgotten your foyer, use paint to perk it up. The space is likely the first room in your home visitors will see. Don’t you want to make a great first impression?