Preparing for Exterior Painting in Danville

Investing a little time and effort into preparing for exterior painting in Danville can help make the process run smoothly. Taking the extra steps can even help to save you some money when the exterior painting is completed. A fresh coat of exterior paint can add tremendous curb appeal to your building. It will create a motivation for potential buyers, customers and even clients by making the best first impression possible. The staff at Custom Painting, Inc. can help you develop a plan to make painting your building easier than you thought possible.
Take Steps to Prepare for Exterior Painting in Danville

  1. Get everything out of the path of the painting crew. Look for any obstacles that may be against the foundation of the building and move them away from the area. The crew will appreciate having a clear space to move around when they begin the exterior painting job.
  2. Keep your landscaping protected from any drips or spills by covering them the way you would furniture inside the home. Exterior drop clothes will not only serve as a barrier between your plants and the paint but can also help to protect them from damage from the workers.
  3. Clean off the exterior of the building to save the painting crew a step. Getting the grime and dirt off the walls will provide a good surface for the paint. Doing it a few days before the crew arrives will allow it to have time to dry.
  4. Make the surface even more ready for the paint by putting some of your energy into sanding chipped paint or rough spots around the building. Be sure to take care with securing any ladders that you use to reach the spots.
  5. Stay in contact with your painting contractor. There may be things you can do to help move the process along that you may not have already completed or even thought about doing.

Making a change on the exterior of your building can bring it new life. The curb appeal can draw in new clients or customers. A strong curb appeal can also help to make your building enticing for buyers in a crowded real estate market. Invest some time and effort into preparing your building for the painting contractors. The time and effort you put into getting ready for exterior painting in Danville and you can help reduce the time and cost of the process.