Painting in Alamo – What Are Current Bathroom Color Trends?

bayareahousepainting-wordpress-   Painting in Alamo – What Are Current Bathroom Color Trends?Does your bathroom give you the ho-hums? Perhaps its’ time to try painting your Alamo home’s bathroom with urrent bathroom color trends. New paint, no matter what room it is in, can help you feel better about that room. This is true even in bathrooms. Add a fresh coat of paint to give your bathroom new life.

Here are some questions to think about before changing the paint in your bathroom to one of the current color trends:

  • Will the new color work with your current flooring and fixtures? These will be costly to replace, so be sure the new color palette for your bathroom does not clash with what is currently there.
  • How does natural light affect the bathroom? Will bright morning light make a new color look faded or unappealing? Will late afternoon lighting affect how the bathroom looks? If the colors will change dramatically depending on the level of the sun, you may want to consider a different color.
  • Will the new colors you’ve chosen fit in with the remainder of your home? While there isn’t anything wrong with using color for color’s sake, if you don’t have similar colors somewhere nearby, the bathroom may seem disjointed from the rest of the house.

Many people are choosing new paint palettes for their bathroom. Colors are bold and even a little unusual. Consider the people who choose to use apple green paint for their walls and with white trim. Others may choose to use browns and reds on their color palette. The brown can be anything from dark chocolate or cinnamon to caramel. The red colors they use to complement the browns are coral, tomato or burgundy. While these color palettes may not appeal to everyone, with the right technique and accessories, they can be quite striking.

Pastels and muted colors are also being used in current color palettes. Pastels that are cheerful and bright, like turquoise, bright yellow, or peach are combined with gray. This can include using gray as the accent wall in your bathroom or like a chair rail rather than painting the entire room gray.

A common choice for bathroom colors is to use water-themed colors. Think of sea green, aqua or sea blue. These are wonderful for use on the walls. Mother-of-pearl, white and sandy yellow might be used as the color for the trim. Use a sponge to create texture like grains of sand using the same colors. This will create interest in the room.

Don’t be afraid to use color in unexpected ways. Even if you use traditional colors for the walls, you can choose accessories or trim that is a stark comparison from the main color in the room. Consider amethyst or scarlet as accent colors. Oxblood, which is a mixture of garnet red and chocolate brown, can warm your bathroom up.

Black and white, as well as navy blue and white, are classic combinations that still work well in bathrooms. If you enjoy classic styles, this might be a great choice. To add a punch of color, find luxurious towels in jewel-tones.

Whatever choice you make when painting your Alamo bathroom, be sure the color is flattering to your skin tone. The colors around you can affect how your make looks if you apply it in the bathroom. Look around at current bathroom trends and then choose a painter in Alamo to help you bring life to your vision for your bath space.