Painting Contractors San Ramon – Paint Your Kitchen When Reselling Your Home

Painting contractors in San Ramon will tell you painting your kitchen may help make your home more appealing when reselling it. Everyone knows the kitchen is called the heart of the home, and for good reason, but how many know fresh paint can help its resale value? Before you begin painting, or hire a painting contractor in San Ramon to do it for you, you will want to plan things out.

Painting a kitchen can be a small investment that provides big dividends. Normally you will spend less than $700 to repaint a kitchen and replace the cabinet and drawer pulls. The completed job, if done properly, could add up to $2,000 to the price of your home. Prospective buyers also like having a blank canvas so they can envision their own family and belongings in the space. Even if a potential buyer only feels like they are at ‘home’ in their mind, it can encourage them to make that vision a reality.

Is your style readily apparent in your kitchen or is it already a classic look? If your style is bold and colorful it may be painful to repaint the room a plain off-white. However, as mentioned above, a clean classic look, or blank canvas, will make the area more appealing to more people. If you leave it as is the room will only appeal to those with similar tastes.

When considering what color to repaint the walls, think about these things:

  • Neutral
  • Pale
  • Food

Neutral colors to consider are off white and white, beige or similar colors. To make the room look cozier than stark, choose beige. It should not clash with anything the potential buyer wants to do. A lighter color, still not white, is cream. It is neutral but projects a fresh, clean atmosphere. White is sterile and cold, so you will want to avoid this. Of course, it is a classic kitchen color and some people prefer white. The way it comes across will depend upon how the prospective buyer sees the room.

If neutral colors aren’t appealing to you, and you will be living in your home until it is sold, consider pale or pastel colors. Yellow, particularly the buttery shade, is appealing and close to being neutral. It projects a cozy feeling and is sunny. Another good choice is sage green if you want a kitchen that is calming or, if you want to feel like you’re floating on a cloud, consider powder blue.

Take your cue from the garden. Bell peppers can be red, yellow, orange or green. Any of these colors would be appropriate in a kitchen if they are muted and softer. Pale brown would also be another option to consider.

Discuss your painting ideas with your painting contractor in San Ramon. They can assist you in finding the right color to paint your kitchen to increase the chance of reselling your house for the most money possible.