Licensed Painters in Pleasant Hill – Get the Answers to These Common Questions

Licensed painters in Pleasant Hill are available to paint your house, but you probably will want to know some important details before you hire one. Some of the things you will want to check into include background, current business practices, and how they handle some specific instances, to name a few.

You might want to start by finding out when the company was started, and how much experience the painters have. Is the company insured, and can they offer references? References are a big help for finding out how good the company is.

Hours of operation are good to know, as well as whether these hours apply only to the office, or if the job will be done only within the same hours.

When you ask for an estimate for the job, also ask about the quantity of painters who will be doing the work, the cost of paint and whether it is included in the quoted price, and how long they expect the job to take to finish.

You may need to know whether any preparation should be done by you, or if the company will take care of things like covering belongings and furniture, repairing woodwork or drywall (and whether the cost for repairs is charged separately or included in the cost of the job), and whether or not you should be there while they paint the areas. You will also want to know whether they will clean up after themselves or if they will expect you to handle any cleanup after they leave.

Does the company offer a warranty? If so, what does it cover? You will want to know how they will handle the situation afterward, if you discover the color isn’t what you wanted, after all. See what they recommend for how often such painting should be repeated. Do you need to have cash, or do they accept other payment methods?

You can often find answers to these questions on their website, if one exists. You can call the company and ask questions, or make an appointment to meet with someone to discuss them – and probably arrange to get an estimate at the same time.

Know whether some of the answers can be deal-breakers. If the company is not insured, for example, you probably want to find a different company. If you will have to handle all the preparation and cleanup, you will want to be sure that the price reflects that, and that you will have the time to take care of it – or else choose a company that handles it for you. You want someone who is going to finish the job in a reasonable time frame, and not leave unfinished work for a long time.

Take the time to ask the licensed painters in Pleasant Hill these questions, and you will be glad you did. If you think of other questions, write them down so you don’t forget to ask about them, too.