How to Prepare the Exterior of Your Home for Residential Painting in Alamo

Are you considering exterior painting for residential painting in Alamo? Choosing the right professional painter to do the actual painting will make a difference, but there are also some things you can do to maintain the look of your new paint. Being aware of these trouble spots may help you avoid having to paint as often.

When was your home built and why does it matter? Prior to 1979 nearly all paint was lead-based. Painting experts understand the danger of leaving lead-based paint in a home and recommend removing it if possible. Health departments across the state can provide needed information to learn how to remove lead paint. However, residential painters have the knowledge and experience necessary to remove this paint so you don’t have to. It is best to have lead paint removed prior to painting your home’s exterior.

One common problem home owners face is the paint not adhering to the garage door or near the bottom of the patio or deck. Prepare the wood by applying paintable water repellant to the bottom of the wood. In fact, manufacturers recommend painting at least the bottom 16 inches of the surface. It would also be helpful to leave a small gap between the horizontal surface and the wood.

Before beginning residential painting in Alamo, scrape away any paint that is visually peeling. This can be accomplished by using sandpaper, scraping with a knife or using a heat gun to soften and make the paint easier to remove. Be careful not to melt any exposed weather stripping if you use a heat gun to help with paint removal.

Check the condition of the wood while removing old paint. Verify the wood is firm and then sand weathered wood before painting or the paint will not adhere. If you find soft wood under the paint, replace the wood before painting. Small areas of soft wood may be repaired with two-part filler, but you will want to replace the wood entirely for larger areas.

Nail down any trim or wood siding that has become loose. Not only will this make the paint surface even, it will also keep water from seeping behind the wood and damaging the structure of the house.

It is also important to prime all wood surfaces after any loose paint has been scraped off, especially when painting the exterior of your home. Read and follow the primer instructions so you know how long it must dry before you can begin painting with the first color coat. To help the paint wear longer, you will want to plan for a second coat of paint.

Clean any painted surfaces that are not peeling. A pressure washer with the correct detergent should be sufficient. Start at the top of the house when cleaning the exterior. For homes with a mold problem, adding mildewcide or bleach to the water (1 qt. bleach to 3 qt. water) should take care of the problem. It will also be necessary to rinse the exterior and allow it to dry thoroughly before painting.

Be sure to cover any plants or ornamental landscaping that is near the exterior of your home. This will keep paint from dripping onto it.

Finding the right professional painter is important. Since cost will be a factor, you will want to reduce costs if possible. Ask the painting contractors if you can do the prep work for exterior house painting. They may be willing to reduce the price for your residential painting in Alamo.